auto detailing

Nerding Out – Taking Auto Detailing to the Next Level

auto detailing

Wiki How has a killer 20 step article on how to really go the extra mile on your car. See the link below to have a peek

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auto detailing

Auto Detailing Basics

pressure wash wheel

Everyone loves a clean car inside and out. The basics start with a simple exterior wash and an interior clean – here’s a few simple tips to get in the ball game:

  1. A clean interior is a must, and a simple fix. Best to start with a thorough vacuum of the car. From there, get a micro fibre cloth and use a interior cleaning product. One we recommend is Liquid Ice, available for about 20 bucks a bottle.
  2. Get the car soaked first. Scrubbing hardened dirt not only makes the car more likely to scratch, but makes your soap/scrub go much further.
  3. Scrub the car down using a soft bristled scrub brush or a hand scrubber. Best not to use the same brush for wheels as you’re using on the painted portion of the car.
  4. Hose/powerwash the car down from bottom to top. Common sense really, but you’re trying to bring the filth from the top of the car down to the ground. Gravity is your friend.
  5. Shiny tires look great – tire dressing products are cheap and simple to apply. Spray on and rub with foam pad. New tire shine never gets old and goes a long way, even if your tires are old and ratty looking.

Liquid Ice

Every so often, it’s a good idea to get a professional auto detail to really make your car sparkle like new.  Call Pacific Detail at (250) 385-1355