• Careful Interior Cleaning

    Interior auto detailing
  • Hand wash - light pressure wash

    auto detailing
  • Buffing, Polishing, Clay Bar Scratch Removal

    Exterior auto polish
  • No automatic car wash here

  • Environmentally responsible soaps

  • Steam Cleaning and deodorizing available

    Car upholstery steam cleaning
  • Eye for details

  • Buffing to remove scratches

About Pacific Detail

Pacific Detail was born out of Pacific Mazda’s frustration to get great, timely, detailing performed on their new and especially their used vehicle inventory. We had some great space available underneath Pacific Mazda that used to be a body shop many years ago. We spruced up the space and started small by hiring a detailer to look after the detailing needs of Pacific Mazda.

It wasn’t long before we saw that we could expand our service beyond Pacific Mazda and their customers. In 2013 we hired additional staff and began to market to anyone in Greater Victoria who needed quality detailing services. We also expanded the range of services we offered to include windshield stone chip repair, headlight restoration, chemical protection packages such as undercoating and fabric protection..and the list goes on.

Our goal is to keep our team members trained in best auto detailing practices and to understand all the modern materials, detailing equipment, and detailing products.

Our detailers have many great products and tools at their disposal and, through experience, they understand which tools and techniques are best suited to the job.

The key to our success key is our people and our attitude. Victoria is a small community and our greatest advertising comes from referrals.

Pacific Detail consists of a team of dedicated car detailing professionals – the type of people you would want working on and in your car.  . Our team is dedicated, honest, and takes pride in a job well done. Properly detailing a car is a very satisfying experience.

Bottom line – they care!